Celebrio System

Celebrio is software simulating the interface of an operating system. It is build on a belief that its every part should be clean and look and control the same. You can focus on what you want to do instead of how to do it.


You don’t need to know where to find news on the Internet, Celebrio looks for them for you. You don’t have to remember or set up anything that is not necessary.

You always have something to read. You will always know what is happening thanks to latest news and you even have twenty bookshelves of digital books free of charge from Shakespeareto Andersen.

If you want your family to be with you at all times, you can have them all together thanks to Celebrio. Celebrio will
connect you to people that you care about so they will always be within your reach.

In every life situation you can lead active and social life full of entertainment and communication. Celebrio is focused on making the world of modern technology available to everyone.

With Celebrio you can try what it is like to be a celebrity for your computer.

Qustions & Answers…

Celebrio on your Windows and Android

Download Celebrio as an application for your operating system MS Windows. It will be available as an icon on your desktop and you can controll it with your mouse and

You can use Celebrio together with other applications in Windows. Just download it for free and see what happens.


Celebrio is available as an application on Google Play for Android devices. You can enjoy Celebrio on a tablet with touch interface and see how natural it feels to
engage with our system.

You can use Celebrio together with other applications on Android. Just install it from Google Play and let it do its magic.